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Captain Cook & the Art of Memorabilia

Galleries 1 - 3 | 30 January - 29 May 2021

In 2004 David Roche acquired the HMS Resolution table, c.1810, a significant piece of English Regency memorabilia so-called because it contains a piece of oak from the ship and an inscription to James Cook’s achievements set amongst exotic timbers from the lands visited by Cook. Displayed for the first time at the Foundation, the table"… ".''

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Musée Extérieur - North Adelaide Art Trail

The Musée Extérieur (Outdoor Museum) is a City of Adelaide curated art trail consisting of reproductions of 10 paintings from the collection of the Thomas Henry Museum in Cherbour-en-Cotentin, France, that winds its way through North Adelaide. All the works are life-size reproductions of European Master paintings from as early as the 15th century. The"… ".''

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War and Pieced: The Annette Gero Collection of Quilts from Military Fabrics

Galleries 1 - 3 | 10 September - 19 December 2020

War and Pieced: The Annette Gero Collection of Quilts from Military Fabrics brings the art form of ‘military intarsia’ back to vivid life with 25 breathtaking examples spanning from the Napoleonic Wars through the Crimean War of the mid-19th century to the late 19th century British colonial wars in India and southern Africa. Although now"… ".''

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Flowers: Passion. Pain. Nation.

Galleries 1 - 3 | 25 January – 2 May | 9 June – 22 August 2020

The symbolic role of flowers in Western art from the late Renaissance through to contemporary Australian art is both significant and diverse. The Dutch still-life tradition is perhaps best-known, with its association between flowers and the transience of life, but there is much more to discover. Flowers: Passion. Pain. Nation. draws together the big narratives of life"… ".''

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Bijou: An installation by Stephen Bowers

Fermoy House | 30 July - 5 October 2019

SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival 2019 To distribute works within The David Roche Foundation’s collection at Fermoy House is an opportunity for both revelation and concealment. Like Fermoy itself, discernment and association, as well as surprise, suggestion and curiosity are at play. Disguise and detection are also afoot, for distributed amongst Fermoy’s treasures my"… ".''

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Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé

Galleries 1 - 3 | 12 July - 21 December 2019

David Roche first travelled to Russia in 1994 and was overwhelmed by the opulent art and palaces of St Petersburg. His amazement and joy turned to a passion for collecting Russian art, and in almost 20 years he amassed a singularly unique collection in Australia. Exhibited for the first time in Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the"… ".''

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Neoclassic: Reimagining Empire   

Gallery 2 | 21 January - 29 June 2019

For David Roche the neoclassic covered the best items from George III to William IV in Britain and the reign of Louis XVI to Napoléon’s vision of a new French Empire. Driven by art from Antiquity and recent finds at Pompeii and Herculaneum, architects, artists, designers, collectors and patrons started a new craze for all"… ".''

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Régence & Rococo: Portraits and porcelain

Gallery 1 | 21 January - 29 June 2019

The title of the display reflects David Roche’s ideal notion of beauty, whether it be the physical object or attributes of a person. Rococo’s more relaxed and informal style owed a debt to nature which suited David’s desire to bring the garden in doors. Not surprisingly, the rococo style is well-represented in the collection through"… ".''

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The Pursuit of Pattern

Gallery 3 | 21 January – 29 June 2019

The sumptuous decoration of architectural interiors and the many varied objects that inhabited them was at the heart of creating lavish 18th and 19th century homes in Europe and Britain. David Roche had a great affinity for this style of decorating and the exhibition The Pursuit of Pattern explores the fashion for inlaid surface patterns on furniture and objets"… ".''

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On Reflection: Ceramic art of Geoff Mitchell

Fermoy House | 31 July – 6 October 2018

South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) Exhibition 2018   On Reflection: an installation by Geoff Mitchell. Amidst the sumptuous surrounds of The David Roche Collection, the richly detailed ceramics of Geoff Mitchell delight and surprise with their engaging interplay of stage-craft, narrative and story-fragments that mirror and reflect on history, sensibility, melancholy and genius. If"… ".''

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