Our Vision


Through the leadership of the David Roche Foundation, that decorative arts are recognised for their contribution and importance to the Australian and international arts community.

The David Roche Foundation is a centre of excellence and leader in decorative arts in Australia.

To protect, preserve and develop David Roche’s legacy and collection in perpetuity.

To fulfil the David Roche Foundation’s obligation and duty as the custodians of David Roche’s legacy and collection for the current and future benefits of the people of South Australia, the recipients of his bequest.


we are custodians of the David Roche collection, and believe in the value and importance of creativity, beauty and the arts in defining and shaping the culture and identity of society.

we are committed to excellence in every facet of the Foundation, from the quality and relevance of the collection, the experiences we share and the manner with which we manage our affairs.

we are a team and work in partnership with all stakeholders within the arts, tourism and broader communities at local, state and federal level. Our collaborative approach ensures our ability to deliver upon our purpose and vision.

we get things done. We are proactive and contribute to the decorative arts narrative in Australia, ensuring we remain at the forefront of relevant issues and able to anticipate, identify and respond to matters as they arise.

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