History Festival Event: Too Many Captain Cooks

A lecture by Professor Peggy Brock (Emeritus Professor, Edith Cowan University) | Thursday 6 May | 6PM

Captain James Cook was one of several European navigators in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries who sailed to the shores of Australia on voyages of exploration. Despite landing on the continent over 160 years after the first Dutch sighting of our coastline, Cook, as the first British arrival, is the one who has been mythologised"… ".''

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Studio Vino @ TDRF

Paint and sip | Thursday 13 May 2021 | 6:30-8:30PM

* * * SOLD OUT * * * Join us at the beautiful David Roche Foundation in North Adelaide as we paint Mayan Turtles as part of a new exhibition, Captain Cook & the Art of Memorabilia. Canvas, paint and brushes are provided as well an experienced instructor who leads you step by step through"… ".''

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The David Roche Foundation upcoming events calendar

Upcoming events calendar

The David Roche Foundation is pleased to be able to present the following events for the first half of 2021 relating to our upcoming exhibition, Captain Cook & The Art of Memorabilia. On this page, you have an easy to follow list of our events to put in your calendar (so you don’t miss out!)."… ".''

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