Flowers, Empire and the Visualisation of Knowledge in the Eighteenth Century

A talk by Dr Melanie Cooper (Visiting Research Fellow, Art History, The University of Adelaide) | 16 July 2020

* * * SOLD OUT * * * Floral emblems abound in eighteenth-century visual culture – an abundance of various forms, colours and textures can be found throughout fine works of art, textiles and jewellery, wallpapers, furniture, porcelain and other decorative objects. While the popular visual appeal of flowers has endured across time and cultures,"… ".''

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Flower power: from the humble daisy to the exotic fritillaria

with Tansy Curtin (AGSA Curator, International Art pre-1980 & co-author Blooms and Brushstrokes) | Thursday 6 August 2020 6PM

Flowers have always played an important role in the history of art, providing an interesting avenue for exploring art and society and tracing the artistic styles and movements of the Western tradition. Taking inspiration from works included in Flowers: Passion. Pain. Nation., this talk will trace a floral history of art from the sixteenth to"… ".''

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The David Roche Foundation upcoming events calendar

Upcoming events calendar

The David Roche Foundation is pleased to be able to present the following events for the second half of 2020 relating to our upcoming exhibitions, Flowers: Passion. Pain. Nation. and War and Pieced: The Annette Gero Collection of Quilts from Military Fabrics. On this page, you have an easy to follow list of our events to put"… ".''

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