Current Exhibition

Royal & Imperial Clocks: Romantic & Scientific

27 Feb 18 Aug 2018

Time and money are often the two things that we worry most about in life and this exhibition reflects David Roche’s obsession with time and the stories on trading, upgrading and acquiring his extraordinary clock collection. This is the first ‘time’ his entire collection of timepieces (and what an extraordinary collection it is) have been brought together as an exhibition. Robert Reason, Senior Curator, and I have worked hard to display the clocks in an orderly fashion and we are very grateful to some of David’s friends that agreed to loan their own significant clocks from Melbourne and Sydney.

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Special Exhibit: Gallery 2

Pompeo Batoni, Portrait of Thomas Dawson (1725-1813), later First Viscount Cremorne, c.1749-1752

The David Roche Foundation is honoured to have a significant portrait by leading Italian Grand Tour artist, Pompeo Batoni, for extended exhibition. On loan from a private collection, Portrait of Thomas Dawson (1725-1813), later First Viscount Cremorne, c.1749-1752 is being exhibited in Australia for the first time and represents the earliest period of Batoni’s portraiture. Thomas Dawson is painted three-quarter length, in a green fur-trimmed coat with a fur collar, holding a spear and a dog with his other hand, a boar’s head to the right.

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Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery 1: Neoclassic: The Spirit of Antiquity | Gallery 2: Rococo: Graceful Exuberance

The exhibitions of The David Roche Foundation showcase the fundamental areas of David’s collecting passion. The Rococo and Neoclassic periods, spanning eighteenth-century Europe, were a rich and rewarding hunting ground for David. Sumptuous furniture, porcelain, clocks, metalware and textiles reflect his prerequisite for quality, notable makers and, if possible, a provenance to royalty, aristocracy or notable figures.

Your entry fee includes all exhibitions and entry to Fermoy House.

Image: attributed to Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder, Catherine the Great, c.1791


Future Exhibition

South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) Exhibition

On Reflection: Ceramic art of Geoff Mitchell

Fermoy House 31 July – 1 September 2018

Reflection: an installation by Geoff Mitchell. Amidst the sumptuous surrounds of the Roche collection, the richly detailed ceramics of Geoff Mitchell delight and surprise with their engaging interplay of stage-craft, narrative and story-fragments that mirror and reflect on history, sensibility, melancholy and genius.

Future Exhibition

Edo Style: Art of Japan (1615-1868)

Galleries 1 to 3

5 September – 1 December 2018

Edo was a place, a time period and a state of mind. The relative peace and prosperity of the Edo period (1615-1868) fostered a culture of creativity in urban centres defined by the diversions and pursuits of the style conscious merchant classes which contrasted with the conservative aesthetics of the ruling military elite.  From elegant lacquerware and screens depicting seasonal landscapes to woodblock prints capturing the dynamic kabuki actors and courtesans, Edo Style includes over 150 works of art on loan from the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia, private lenders, as well as The David Roche Collection.

Curated by guest curator, Russell Kelty, Asian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10AM to 4PM. Closed Sunday-Monday.

Admission Price: Adult $10. Concession $8. Children under 5 Free. No booking required.


Image caption:  Hishikawa Ryūkoku  菱川柳谷 active c.1801-1818, The courtesan Akashi of the Tamaya (Tamaya uchi Akashi), early 1800s, Edo, colour woodblock print (nishiki-e), ink and colour on paper; Gift of Brian and Barbara Crisp in memory of their son Andrew 2003. Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. 20033G45


Past Exhibitions

Since 2012 The David Roche Foundation has regularly curated exhibitions from its Collection. Until 2016 these were displayed at a small Viewing Gallery (now closed).

Past exhibitions include Transition; The Human Form in Art; Art from the Hearth; Motifs from Nature; Kingdom Animalia & the Decorative Arts; French Inspiration; and The David Roche Foundation Collection, details of which can be accessed here.

Image: Francis Calcroft Turner, active 1810-1846. Roxanna, dam of Lath & grand-dam of Eclipse, oil on canvas. England 1845.


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