In the Shadow of Catherine the Great: Dreams and Destinies of the Romanov Women

A presentation by art historian Eugene Barilo von Reisberg | Wednesday 16 October 6PM

This lecture will be focusing on the Russian Imperial Family during the successive reigns of Catherine II, Paul I, and Alexander I. It follows the lives of the Romanov women in the shadow of the formidable Empress; their menace under the rule of Paul I; and a greater visibility and autonomy during the reign of… 

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OTMA: The Four Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra

A presentation by art historian Eugene Barilo von Reisberg | Thursday 17 October 6PM

This lecture will be focusing on Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, the four daughters of Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra of Russia. Just over one hundred years ago, in July 1918, the lives of these four accomplished young women were tragically cut short by the political and social upheavals of the era. The Grand Duchesses’… 

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The David Roche Foundation upcoming events calendar

Upcoming events calendar

The David Roche Foundation is pleased to be able to present the following events for the second half of 2019. On this page, you have an easy to follow list of the events planned to put in your calendar (so you don’t miss out!). We will be adding more events, so make sure you check back… 

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