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Talks with David Roche | 2017

Thursday 28 September Sarah Nehama (USA) – A Brief History of Mourning & Sentimental Jewellery. Thursday 19 October Robert Reason (SA) – A Grand Tour of Italy.         Book Here Wednesday 29 Nov Rhona Clement (NSW) – Regency ceramics at home and abroad  

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Current Events

A Brief History of Mourning & Sentimental Jewellery. | 6 PM Thursday 28 September 2017

This presentation will cover the history of mourning jewellery from the mid-17th century to the early 20th century and examine its place in society, primarily in England and America, but with examples from Australia, France, and Germany also shown. Connections to memento mori and sentimental jewellery (matrimonial, friendship, and other tokens of esteem) will be… 

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