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Musée Extérieur - North Adelaide Art Trail

The Musée Extérieur (Outdoor Museum) is a City of Adelaide curated art trail consisting of reproductions of 10 paintings from the collection of the Thomas Henry Museum in Cherbour-en-Cotentin, France, that winds its way through North Adelaide. All the works are life-size reproductions of European Master paintings from as early as the 15th century. The David Roche Foundation is the second stop on the trail with Simon Vouet’s (France 1590-1649) Allegory of Peace (also known as Ceres trampling the attributes of War) on the front wall of the Foundation.

To view the whole route, visit the City of Adelaide’s website, where you can find a self-guided tour map as well as information about each work on display:

Image: Simon Vouet (France 1590-1649), Allegory of Peace, c.1745, oil on canvas, 109.5 x 99cm

Past Exhibitions

Opens 15 February 2024

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The Fabric of War

Historical quilts with striking geometric patterns, exotic animals, biblical stories, and even the Venetian state galley are but a few of the extraordinary images you will see displayed in this exhibition of new and unseen treasures from the renowned quilt collection of Annette Gero.


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