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SALA 2021

In-flight: occurring, carried out, or present while in flight | 3 August – 2 October 2021

Jane Bowden, Angela Giuliani, Michelle Kelly, and Simon Williams create jewellery in response to The David Roche Collection. This ‘cabinet of curiosities’ takes the form of an ornate, French steel and gilt metal aviary, owned by David.

Jane, Angela, Simon, and Michelle have shared the studio space at Zu design over several years, acting as sounding boards for each other through the development and creation of their own practices and are excited to exhibit together for SALA.

In-Flight is a showcase of work by these four makers, and their individual responses to informative visits to Fermoy House and David Roche’s collection of antiquities.

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Past Exhibitions

A travelling exhibition from Powerhouse, Sydney

Current Exhibition

Fantastical Worlds

From 13 August 2022, The David Roche Foundation plays host to Fantastical Worlds, a travelling exhibition developed by the Powerhouse museum, Sydney, comprising playful arrangements of old and new.

The Powerhouse collection holds many objects that instil a sense of wonder. Made using a wide range of materials and techniques, they seduce us with their otherworldly beauty, stimulate our imagination and shed light on how we perceive ourselves and the world. For this iteration of the exhibition, the Powerhouse ceramics, jewellery, silver, textiles and fashion are joined by decorative objects and paintings from The David Roche Foundation in a wondrous offering of dazzling form, ornament and colour.

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