Quilts: The Fabric of War 1760-1900

Quilts: The Fabric of War 1760-1900


This catalogue accompanies the exhibition Quilts: The Fabric of War 1760-1900, and is the second book written by Annette Gero that examines military intarsia quilts, expanding upon her work in Wartime Quilts (2015).  This richly illustrated volume documents rarely-seen quilts made by men, mainly soldiers, which date back to as far as 1760. The fabrics used are those from their military uniforms, from which they have created the most dazzling and complex patterns. The piecing and appliqué work is exceptional. A number also include scenes, some patriotic, some personal. Each work in the book is well documented and photographed, and many comparative examples of quilting from other private and public collections have been included for reference.

Full of superb photos, historical research and illustrations!

192 pages

Hardcover with colour illustrations.

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 35.9 × 26.7 × 2.1 cm

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