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On this page, you can listen to and watch a variety of fascinating and informative stories about David Roche, Fermoy House and The David Roche Collection from people who knew David Roche or are connected with the Foundation.

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SA Weekender at The David Roche Foundation House Museum

from SAWeekender:

In Melbourne Street, North Adelaide, sits one of the greatest European decorative arts collections in a private institution in Australia. It is set within the sumptuous interiors of David Roche Federation-style home and museum.  Spanning two centuries of art and design — from the early Rococo period in France to the delights of Fabergé in Russia — is the museum’s latest exhibition Triumph and Tragedy: Catherine, The Romanovs and Fabergé.

At first glance, you’re struck by the understated elegance of the late David Roche’s Federation home ‘Fermoy House’ and its adjoining museum complex. But there’s nothing understated about the collection inside! Minimalism was a dirty word to this avid collector, with every room showcasing his loves – including his lifelong passion as a dog breeder and experience as an international judge.

The David Roche collection is one of Adelaide’s hidden gems and a must-see attraction.

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For tours of the house, visit our Tour Booking page and for information about Triumph and Tragedy: Catherine, The Romanovs and Fabergé, visit our Exhibitions page.

Triumph and Tragedy is open until the 21 December 2019.

The David Roche Foundation Video – Martyn Cook talks about Fabergé

To celebrate our new exhibition Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé at The David Roche Foundation, we have a special treat for visitors – a short video of our late inaugural Museum Director, Martyn Cook, talking about Fabergé, recorded in early 2019. In the video, Martyn discusses the Fabergé brand, David Roche’s Fabergé items, and meeting Tatiana Fabergé (a Fabergé expert  as well as a great-granddaughter of Carl Fabergé). We hope you enjoy.

TDRF | Fabergé with Martyn Cook from The David Roche Foundation on Vimeo.

Podcast episode 2 – Martyn Cook talks about David Roche and Russia

This is the second episode of The David Roche Foundation podcast series. Sit back and listen to Martyn Cook, the Director of The David Roche Foundation, and longtime friend and travelling companion of David Roche talk about David’s interest in Russia and Russian art. Martyn discusses what palaces, museums and galleries David and he visited, how David’s Russian Room came about and David’s interest in malachite and architect and designer, Andrei Voronikhin.



Podcast episode 1 – Martyn Cook talks about David Roche and his clock collecting

This is the first episode of The David Roche Foundation podcast series. Enjoy listening to Martyn Cook talking about David Roche, his clocks and clock collecting. Hear Martyn discuss what it was like working for David, what David looked for when acquiring a clock and the problems David had with his clocks at his Fermoy House residence in North Adelaide.





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