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Exhibition 7

T→r→a→n→s→i→t→i→o→n | 12 May 2015 – 28 April 2016


The  Foundation  established by the  late David J K  Roche A.M. has been  in predictable transition following his death on March 27th 2013 and has now taken a quantum leap as the decision was made to move his beloved collection, which has now ‘left the building’ for safe storage.

Never did we imagine the collection leaving Fermoy House, however it has allowed us all to review and photograph almost every item and, as David wished, to enthusiastically lend his items for public display.

David Roche’s gift to his cherished city of Adelaide is now safely secured employing a myriad of facilities including his adored Art Gallery of South Australia, other galleries, secure stores and elsewhere. David’s beloved Fermoy Kennels, the Graeco-Roman Pool complex, conservatory, the fruit orchards and gardens have been swept away in the demolition, allowing for his much planned dream to be realised.

Work has commenced and now Fermoy House looks a little like a house on the prairie!

The David Roche Foundation House Museum consisting of Fermoy house and the new wing designed by Williams Burton Architects, will achieve our founders desire to show interiors as he lived at home and provide a series of black painted rooms to display highlights from his collection and others, to the general public.

Exhibition 7 directly benefits from this transition as some items that would never have been available for display in the Viewing Gallery are now here; including the Russian Chandeliers from the Roman Room. Also David Roche’s Empire style Bed and a marvellous English mahogany & rosewood break-front Bookcase from his Den.

We are very grateful for the expertise of Dr Jennifer Harris, Adelaide, in the preparation of Cat No. 13 TDRF 511;Cat No. 16 TDRF 1008; Cat No. 35 TDRF 1628; Cat No. 36 TDRF 1653; Cat No. 37 TDRF 1656; Cat No. 38 TDRF 1658; Cat No. 57 TDRF 2102;Cat No. 60 TDRF 2253; Cat No. 77 TDRF 2266; Cat No. 93 TDRF 3214.

We are very grateful for the expert Research on military paintings by Ronald Pawly,Belgium & Jenny Spencer-Smith,England for Cat No. 107 TDRF 311 & Cat No.64 TDRF 2415.

Image – TDRF 1515 The Charles and Lavinia Handley-Read Argand Lamp Torcheres signed Robert Shout, 1802, London. Reassembled to be photographed during transition by Adam Kromkamp and Jeffrey Fischer

Past Exhibitions

Current Exhibition

Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé

Exhibited for the first time in Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé, the David Roche Foundation has curated more than 150 items from David’s personal collection and significant national loans. Official portraits of Catherine the Great and Emperor Nicholas I reside alongside the personal hand seal of Emperor Alexander I and porcelain especially commissioned for the Hermitage and Pavlovsk Palace.

Precious objects in malachite, glass and gilt-bronze abounded throughout the Romanov period and are woven into this stunning exhibition, which highlights the internationalism of 19th century Russia. Gaze upon the visages of Catherine and the Romanovs in painting and sculpture. Be entranced by precious vases and plates from the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.

Yet, above all, the final decades of the Russian Empire are remembered for the work of Fabergé.  View David Roche’s Fabergé including a parasol handle from the collection of Queen Anne of Romania, gold boxes and small objects, complemented by Fabergé miniature eggs, jewellery, enamel ware on loan from private collectors. All only for Triumph & Tragedy.

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