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Exhibition 4

Motifs From Nature | 2014

featureOur founder, the late David Roche AM had a passionate interest in flora throughout his lifetime and here we celebrate this love by identifying motifs from nature used as ornament on items from his collection.

Whether cast in bronze, moulded from lead, carved from timber, inlaid, painted, enamelled or lacquered, or merely implied, there was often cause for comment: “What flower is that meant to be!?”

His gardner Adam Kromkamp worked closely with Mr Roche for many years improving the gardens at Fermoy House. Adam has endeavoured to identify flora of fact from flora of fantasy and fiction, on items exhibited.

Mr Roche spent many an idle moment observing man-made ornament from winged figures emerging from foliage, laurel wreaths in architectural conceits; or cornucopia being held aloft, spilling fruit and flowers. He admired the details in the costumes of porcelain figure groups, the foliage as decoration, be it gothic or neo-classic, be it elegant and even bold, be it minute in scale or in high-relief tendrils – flowers, and foliage are abundant and necessary for the decorative arts in the works that will be showcased in our next exhibition at the Viewing Gallery.

For centuries, horticulture has been one of the most consistent signs of a great civilisation and the most visually-absorbing expression of most cultures.

From fine furniture, to clocks, barometers, paintings, pottery and porcelain, glassware, silver, marvellous mirrors and more, he would hope that you would find a special piece to remember. Curated by Martyn Cook and Ann Preston Flint, with its colours, textures and love of beauty, this show will be sure to delight all visitors.

Past Exhibitions

Current Exhibition

Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé

Exhibited for the first time in Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé, the David Roche Foundation has curated more than 150 items from David’s personal collection and significant national loans. Official portraits of Catherine the Great and Emperor Nicholas I reside alongside the personal hand seal of Emperor Alexander I and porcelain especially commissioned for the Hermitage and Pavlovsk Palace.

Precious objects in malachite, glass and gilt-bronze abounded throughout the Romanov period and are woven into this stunning exhibition, which highlights the internationalism of 19th century Russia. Gaze upon the visages of Catherine and the Romanovs in painting and sculpture. Be entranced by precious vases and plates from the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.

Yet, above all, the final decades of the Russian Empire are remembered for the work of Fabergé.  View David Roche’s Fabergé including a parasol handle from the collection of Queen Anne of Romania, gold boxes and small objects, complemented by Fabergé miniature eggs, jewellery, enamel ware on loan from private collectors. All only for Triumph & Tragedy.

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