Past Exhibitions

Exhibition 2

French Inspiration | 2012

2501Opened in October 2012, this exhibition concentrated on items with a French connection. A striking portrait by Jean Baptiste Santerre ( 1651-1717) of the Duc D’ OrLèans and his mistress Madame De Parabère as Adam and Eve greeted you as you entered the door of the gallery. Just one of the many fine paintings that were displayed.

The display cabinets offered an array of beautiful porcelain such as an exquisite teapot and cover with a turquoise ground, painted with classical scenes by Dodin for the Sèvres factory in 1793. Other items will delight such as candelabra by the ciseleur Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751-1843), a mantel clock by Joseph Coteau (1740-1812), and a variety of furniture pieces. Every piece displayed is supported by a detailed entry in our illustrated exhibition catalogue, available for purchase at the gallery.

Image: The Duke of Wellington commode, pollard ash, ormolu and marble. France, circa 1820.

Past Exhibitions

Current Exhibition

Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé

Exhibited for the first time in Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé, the David Roche Foundation has curated more than 150 items from David’s personal collection and significant national loans. Official portraits of Catherine the Great and Emperor Nicholas I reside alongside the personal hand seal of Emperor Alexander I and porcelain especially commissioned for the Hermitage and Pavlovsk Palace.

Precious objects in malachite, glass and gilt-bronze abounded throughout the Romanov period and are woven into this stunning exhibition, which highlights the internationalism of 19th century Russia. Gaze upon the visages of Catherine and the Romanovs in painting and sculpture. Be entranced by precious vases and plates from the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.

Yet, above all, the final decades of the Russian Empire are remembered for the work of Fabergé.  View David Roche’s Fabergé including a parasol handle from the collection of Queen Anne of Romania, gold boxes and small objects, complemented by Fabergé miniature eggs, jewellery, enamel ware on loan from private collectors. All only for Triumph & Tragedy.

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