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Exhibition 2

French Inspiration | 2012

2501Opened in October 2012, this exhibition concentrated on items with a French connection. A striking portrait by Jean Baptiste Santerre ( 1651-1717) of the Duc D’ OrLèans and his mistress Madame De Parabère as Adam and Eve greeted you as you entered the door of the gallery. Just one of the many fine paintings that were displayed.

The display cabinets offered an array of beautiful porcelain such as an exquisite teapot and cover with a turquoise ground, painted with classical scenes by Dodin for the Sèvres factory in 1793. Other items will delight such as candelabra by the ciseleur Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751-1843), a mantel clock by Joseph Coteau (1740-1812), and a variety of furniture pieces. Every piece displayed is supported by a detailed entry in our illustrated exhibition catalogue, available for purchase at the gallery.

Image: The Duke of Wellington commode, pollard ash, ormolu and marble. France, circa 1820.

Past Exhibitions

Current Exhibition

Gallery 1: Neoclassic: The Spirit of Antiquity | Gallery 2: Rococo: Graceful Exuberance | Gallery 3: Royal & Imperial Clocks: Romantic & Scientific

The exhibitions of The David Roche Foundation House Museum showcase the fundamental areas of David’s collecting passion. The Rococo and Neoclassic periods, spanning eighteenth-century Europe, were a rich and rewarding hunting ground for David. Sumptuous furniture, porcelain, clocks, metalware and textiles reflect his prerequisite for quality, notable makers and, if possible, a provenance to royalty, aristocracy or notable figures.  

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