Current Exhibitions

Madness of the gods: Love , War & Transgressions

Emblematic of the Gods and Goddesses, the David Roche Collection, from the facade of the new wing, throughout the galleries and his residence, abounds with Greco-Roman ideals. His former swimming pool was testament to the Aegean. The faux-marbled architraves and door reveals, the faux-malachite pilasters and skirtings, epitomise the perfection of ancient ornament. From emperors… 

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A Natural Way

Clare Belfrage: A Natural Way Fermoy House 1 August – 23 September 2017 The David Roche Foundation is proud to support the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival in 2017 with a contemporary glass exhibition by renowned artist, Clare Belfrage. In single forms and intimate collections, Clare Belfrage’s work features detailed and complex glass drawing… 

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Gallery 1

Neoclassic: The Spirit of Antiquity | 7 June 2016 - Current

For David, the Neoclassic covered the best items from George III to William IV. Whether they were Greek, Roman or Graeco-Roman influenced was of little importance. As an anglophile, his collection is dominated by mahogany and rosewood furniture, although he took a serious interest in mosaic work, scagliola and semi-precious stone finishes. The Neoclassic, as… 

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Gallery 2

Rococo: Graceful Exuberance | 7 June 2016 - Current

The title of the exhibition reflects David’s ideal notion of beauty, whether it be the physical object or attributes of a person. Rococo’s more relaxed and informal style owed a debt to nature which suited David’s desire to bring the garden in doors. He took delight in filling a myriad of Rococo cache pots and… 

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