In Pursuit of the Makers

An afternoon of artist and curator talks | Saturday 13 April 1:30 - 4:00PM

On the 13th of April, as part of our autumn event series, The David Roche Foundation will be hosting an afternoon of talks on marquetry and micro-mosaics from the artists and curators behind the exhibition, The Pursuit of Pattern, with In Pursuit of the Makers. Starting at 1:30pm, artists Arthur Seigneur and Adrian Potter and curators Robert Reason and Nathan Schroeder will present talks on the past and present of the arts of marquetry and micro-mosaics.


About the speakers…


Arthur Seigneur is one of only a small handful of straw marqueters in the world, and the only one in Australia. Learn about this technique from Arthur as he discusses past projects and talks about his Stools exhibited in The Pursuit of Pattern.  Arthur studied furniture making at the Ecole la Bonne Graine in Paris, and moved to New Orleans, where he discovered straw marquetry while apprenticed with Lison de Caunes. In 2015 he moved to Australia, where he has introduced this rarefied art form to an Australian audience.



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Adrian Potter is a conceptual artist and furniture maker based in Adelaide. He works across the spectrum of furniture: guitars, chairs, cabinets, tables, and more. His talk will examine how social changes in Australia over the past few decades have influenced his work, with a particular focus on the Australian landscape and how modern Australia now “values the Australian landscape for its own sake over and above economic or land development”. Adrian will also spend time in the exhibition talking about his work Punk.




DSC_2149 croppedRobert Reason (TDRF) will briefly introduce the work of the great neoclassic taste makers Robert Adam, architect, and Thomas Chippendale, furniture designer, and how they influenced a generation of British design. Robert’s talk will examine the superb marquetry furniture exhibited in The Pursuit of Pattern by Ince & Mayhew, John Cobb and William Moore.





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Nathan Schroeder (TDRF) will present a fascinating talk on the art of micro-mosaics which feature prominently in The Pursuit Pattern. He will chart the history and evolution of this art from Graeco-Roman times through to the modern day (with emphasis on micro-mosaics and the Grand Tour), discuss the different methods by which a micro-mosaic is made, and explore some of the great collectors and collections of micro-mosaics in history.





Tickets $40 (includes an afternoon tea break)

Limited free parking available onsite.

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