Edo Style event series

Over the season of the Edo Style: Art of Japan (1615–1868) exhibition, The David Roche Foundation will be presenting a series of special events related to Japanese art and culture. On this page, you can find a list of all the events planned for Edo Style to put in your calendar (so you don’t miss out!).

5 September: Edo Style: Art of Japan (1615–1868) opens

13 September 6 PM: Russell Kelty (AGSA) talk, ‘Extravagance and restraint: Arts of the military elite in a time of peace’

15 September 2–4 PM: Rob Hatcher (Botanic Gardens) talk and demonstration, ‘The Art of Bonsai’

11 October 6 PM: David Button talk, ‘Keeping Up Appearances: Traded cottons (sarasa) and Edo knock-offs’

25 October, Evenings with David Roche 5–8 PM: James Bennett (AGSA) talk and Himawari Daiko drummers (Gilles Street Primary School)

Each Friday of November (at 11:15am): Curator’s floor talks with Russell Kelty (guest curator of Edo Style)

8 November: Japanese Film Night – ‘Spirited Away’ / 千と千尋の神隠し (directed by Hayao Miyazaki)

15 November 6 PM: Edo Style meets Akira Isogawa: A Conversation

22 November, Evenings with David Roche 5–8 PM: Jennifer Harris talk and Hokushin Shinoh Ryu Ohgo-Kai Iai-do sword demonstration

13 December: ‘Reading Japanese Art’ with Jennifer Harris

22 December: Edo Style: Art of Japan (1615–1868) last day



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