The David Roche Foundation upcoming events calendar

Upcoming events calendar

The David Roche Foundation is pleased to be able to present the following events for the second half of 2019. On this page, you have an easy to follow list of the events planned to put in your calendar (so you don’t miss out!). We will be adding more events, so make sure you check back regularly to keep up-to-date with what we have in store.


Thursday 18 July 6PM: ‘The View from the Rostrum’: A talk by Ronan Sulich (Director and Australian Representative for Christie’s)

Thursday 8 August 6PM: ‘Bijou: an installation by Stephen Bowers’: Contemporary ceramic artist Stephen Bowers introduces his 2019 SALA exhibition at TDRF

Thursday 15 August 6PM:Fatal Opulence: Grandeur and Decline in Late Romanov Russia, 1894-1917′: A talk by Dr. Bodie A. Ashton (University of Passau, Germany) 

Thursday 5 September 6PM: ‘Inspired by Japan: Europe’s Princely response to Kakiemon porcelain’: A special evening lecture with UK porcelain expert Errol Manners

Wednesday 16 October 6PM: ‘In the Shadow of Catherine the Great: Dreams and Destinies of the Romanov Women’: A special presentation by art historian Eugene Barilo von Reisberg

Thursday 17 October 6PM: ‘OTMA: The four daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra’: A special presentation by art historian Eugene Barilo von Reisberg

Thursday 31 October 5-8PM: ‘Triumph & Tragedy: Catherine, the Romanovs & Fabergé‘ special twilight evening

Thursday 21 November 6PM: ‘From Gambling Chips to Imperial Jewels: A look at some Romanov jewels’: A talk by Charlotte Nattey

Thursday 5 December 6PM: ‘Grand Duchess Vladimir – the last Grand Dame of Imperial Russia’: A talk by Michael Carr 


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